Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone
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在人人都亟欲融入、唯恐被視為異類的中學時期,只有Jennifer似乎無懼自己的不同。憑藉留下的線索,Mallory想找出她的的去向和消失的原因,然而越接近真相,越讓Mallory不得不正視自己的內心。紐伯瑞獎作家Tae Keller關於友誼、反省與歸屬的全新故事。

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Newbery Award winning novel When You Trap A Tiger comes a story about the quest to find a girl who goes missing after admitting she believes in aliens.   

Sometimes middle school can make you feel like you're totally alone in the universe...but what if we aren't alone at all?

Mallory doesn't know how she feels about the new girl, Jennifer Chan. Jennifer speaks her mind, believes in aliens, and embraces what makes her different, when all Mallory wants is to fit in. That's why Mallory has her friends Reagan and Tess. They might not be the nicest girls, but they know exactly how middle school works. But when Jennifer goes missing, Mallory is pretty sure it's all her fault. The Incident wasn't her idea, but Mallory didn't try to stop the bullying either. The adults say Jennifer has run away before...but what if it's something else? Mallory is determined to follow the clues about alien encounters from Jennifer's journals. The closer she looks, the more Mallory wonders if Jennifer's aliens could be real...and if friendships old and new can be saved. Tae Keller explores a story of shifting friendships, redemption, and learning we're never really alone.